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As market leader in high voltage test equipment, Macey's Electrical presents complete technical information and are the authorized representatives for:
Accles & Shelvoke, Aqua-Tronics, Arbiter Systems, Clare Instruments,  Haefely Technology, Hipotronics, b2hv Electronic GmbH, Radar Engineers, Spinlab, Tettex Instruments and T&R Test Equipment.

Products Include:
High Voltage test equipment, VLF & Cable diagnostics, Oil testing, Cable Fault location, Transformer testing, AC Flash testers, DC Cable test sets, Cable testing equipment and systems, Micro-ohmmeters, Low Resistance measuring tools, Relay test equipment, Protective Relay testers, High Current testers, Primary Injection equipment, Secondary Injection equipment, and Three-Phase testers.

Application Notes

 Testing Distance Relays

 Utility Substation Testing

 Motor Testing


Top Quality and Affordable Test and Measurement Equipment for the Electrical Industry

Arbiter Systems Model 1083B GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard

Arbiter Systems Model 1083B GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard, delivers performance comparable to atomic frequency standards, but at a fraction of the price. Arbiter Systems clocks are based on highly configurable designs, supporting multiple connector types, high drive outputs, fiber optic support and NTP server time management.


Haefely Hipotronics HVT Series

Haefely Hipotronics HVT Series. The HVT Series AC hipot testers are an economical solution to AC field testing of vacuum interrupters, breakers, switchgear, and other electrical apparatus. Models 30HVT, 60HVT, 100HVT and 120HVT offer 30kV, 60kV, 100kV or 120kV respectively.

All models are handcart mounted for portability and come complete with input line cord, interconnecting cable and ground leads. The HVT series test sets are specifically designed to perform quick and accurate AC dielectric tests. The HVT dielectric testing equipment accurate voltage measurements using an internal high voltage divider, rather than less accurate primary metering


HV Diagnostics Model TD90 Tan Delta Unit

b2hv Model TD90. The TD90 instrument allows users to perform advanced diagnostics, not only on medium voltage cables, but also on transmission class cables to assess their condition in a non-destructive way. The TD90 can help verify the cable's integrity, as well as, track cable insulation data over time.

The Tan Delta unit sends information directly to a PC using wireless Bluetooth technology and includes software that can generate reports within minutes of completing a test


T&R Test Instruments Model DMO 200 High Current Micro-Ohmmeter

T&R Test Instruments Model DMO 200. The DMO 200 is a high current micro-ohmmeter suitable for measuring very low resistances in a wide range of applications.

This unit is equally suited to commissioning, maintenance, and production line environments. Contact resistance in circuit breakers, switch panels, isolators, and busbar joints are all easily and safely measured


Clare Instruments Model HAL 104 Safety Tester

Clare Instruments Model HAL 104. ClareHAL 104 with Safety e-Base Pro gives you total confidence that production  line testing is being carried out to the correct requirements as efficiently as possible with the operator's safety in mind. This out-of-the-box solution gives you all the benefits of a test system and is customizable to your specific requirements

Tests can be started and stopped at the push of a button or choose from a variety of pre-selected automated configurations, including remote PC's, PLC's or interlocks. The internal memory stores up to 6000 test results and can be interfaced with various accessories. Tests: Earth bond, AC flash (hipot), DC flash (hipot), DC insulation resistance, ARC detection, Leakage, Load power, and Power factor.


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