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   S.D.A.D. Super Directional Acoustic Detector

Overview - Two-channel system points direction to fault
Ease and speed of fault finding with thumper have been greatly enhanced with the addition of the S.D.A.D. to the Aqua-Tronics line. The Super DAD conveys more information about the fault location, and faster, with the addition of new microprocessor controlled electronics that provide bright, easier-to-see-and-read signals - day or night. indicate a reversal


The S.D.A.D. has three modes of operation:

  • Basic DIRECTION-TO-FAULT, with centering ability.

  • Time-based distance to fault, triggered by ballistic impulse (magnetic thumper wave) to eliminate false tripping due to background noise.

  • FAULT DEPTH indication.

All other features are the same as the model D.A.D.

  Complete system includes:
  • Two earth probe microphones.
  • Two tri-pod's (for use on hard surfaces).
  • Two microphone cables.
  • A-T Ballistic Impulse Meter detection system.
  • Direction to fault indication.
  • Stereo Headphones.
  • Audio output limitation: Automatic ear protection for the operator, even if a microphone is dropped.
  • Foam lined carrying case.
  • Instruction manual and batteries.

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