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IRIG-B Distribution Tap

IRIG-B Distribution Splitter




  Model 10881A Fiber-Optic to

The Model 10881A Fiber-Optic to Logic Adapter allows transmissions of a digital signal over several kilometers and upon receiving, for the conversion to +5V CMOS logic level output signal. One optical signal is received and simultaneously sent as an electrical signal on two separate, individually-buffered BNC or Pluggable Terminal output connectors. The signal logic level is HI whenever the optical signal is ON. Whenever optical data is received the Data LED illuminates (flashers).

  • Field Installable.
  • 820nm Wavelength Technology.
  • Specified with 50/125m, 62.5/125m, 100/140m, and 200m HCS Fiber.
  • Support for long distance transmission (several kilometers).
  • Can be used with any Arbiter GPS satellite controlled clock.
  • Select BNC or Pluggable Terminal output connectors.
  • Can be used with DIN Rail mounting bracket.


  • For new installations of any Arbiter GPS clock, connect the Model 10881A to the desired end of a fiber-optic link from any digital signal, especially unmodulated (or demodulated) IRIG-B timing signal.
  • For existing GPS clock installations using a fiber-optic link to remote devices. Connect the Model 1088A to the end of a fiber-optic cable link, to convert and distribute electrical timing signals.

Operating Temperature

-10C to 50C

Storage Temperature

-40C to 75C


Fiber-optic signal via a 62.5/125m2 fiber; -10dBm to -24dBm input level

Input Connector

One type ST fiber optic connector


+5 Volt CMOS signal

Output Connectors

Two (2) standard BNC connectors or two (2) Pluggable terminal strips

Output Impedance

10 Ohms

Output Current

75mA maximum

Power Input

+9V to +13.5V DC, 6mA (no load) to 50mA (with load)

Power Connector

3.5mm male mini-plug, tip positive


50mm x 38mm x 50mm (overall dimensions including connectors




I/O 10881Aopt01

Two (2) BNC output connectors

I/O 10881Aopt02

Two (2) pluggable terminal output connectors


DIN Rail Clips


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