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  Model 10882A
IRIG-B Distribution Tap
The Model 1088A tap is used to provide a decoupled, isolated output signal to your system loads. The source impedance of this tap is approximately 600 Ohms, and it will provide an open-circuit signal level of 6.4V to 11Vp-p, depending on overall system loading and distance from the clock mainframe.

Each tap provides 3750Vrms isolation from the distribution bus to the load, as well as surge suppression and EMI filtering. The taps are capacitively-isolated from the DC Bus monitoring current.




IRIG-B Distribution Cable 300 meters


IRIG-B Distribution Cable (custom length)


BNC (Male) Breakout to 100mm Wires


BNC (Female) Breakout to 100mm Wires



DIN Rail Clips


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