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IRIG-B Distribution Tap

IRIG-B Distribution Splitter

  Model 10884A
IRIG-B Distribution Terminator

One Model 10884A terminator is located at the end of a linear distribution bus, and one at the end of each branch. This inductive terminator provides a high impedance to the IRIG-B signal while providing a return path for the DC loop current used for continuity monitoring.


These instructions cover the specifications and operation of the model 10884A, IRIG-B Distribution Terminator. When connected to a system bus, the Model 10884A is used to provide a termination at one end of any linear distribution bus supporting your system loads.

The Model 10884A is one of a family of passive devices designed to distribute modulated IRIG-B signals to devices connected to a bus. Specifically the 10884A was designed to operate when connected to an option 18 mounted in a model 1088A/B GPS synchronized clock.

Other devices in the IRIG-B distribution product family include the model 10882A Distribution Tap, the Model 10883A Distribution Splitter, and the Model 10885A Redundant Ring Adapter. All of these devices may be combined to form a simple or complex system.

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Operating Temperature

-10C to 50C

Storage Temperature

-40C to 75C




open-circuit to IRIG-B signal, passes DC


surge suppression and EMI filtering


Phoenix pluggable terminals (5mm centers) with removable screw-clamp terminal block, accepting 0.2 to 4mm2 (AWG 23 - 10) solid or stranded conductors


52mm x 39mm x 58mm (size with DIN rail and Pluggable terminals)



 10881AoptDIN  DIN Rail Clips


IRIG-B Distribution Cable 300 meters


IRIG-B Distribution Cable (custom length)


BNC (Male) Breakout to 100mm Wires


BNC (Female) Breakout to 100mm Wires


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