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  Model 10885A
Distribution Redundant Ring Adapter
In the presence of a a break in the cable, service may be maintained at all taps. The break can be detected and reported for maintenance, using the Model 10885A IRIG-B Distribution Redundant-Ring Adapter with a ring or loop-configured distribution bus (where the "far end" of the bus is physically brought back to the start). This allows the system to offer a substantial degree of survivability with respect to broken cables, while nonetheless reporting the problem for corrective action.

The Model 10885A also provides 3750Vrms isolation from the return end of the bus to the clock mainframe, to prevent voltages induced in the bus loop from causing currents to flow in the distribution bus or its shield.



IRIG-B Distribution Cable 300 meters


IRIG-B Distribution Cable (custom length)


BNC (Male) Breakout to 100mm Wires


BNC (Female) Breakout to 100mm Wires



DIN Rail Clips

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