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Model 816 Spade Lug Current Lead Set
also available with gold-plated, 1/4-in. safety c-hook lugs







Model 816 Spade Lug Current Lead Set

The 816 Series Spade Lug Current Lead Sets are the ideal test leads for use with Arbiter Systems three-phase measurement product. Lead sets are constructed with gold plated 1/4-inch spade lugs, and super flexible #10 SWG fine strand, rope-lay conductors, available in Santoprene or Silicone insulation.

Available as individual phase labelled pairs or as a three-phase, three pair set, each pair are enclosed in gray PET armor and come with a hook and loop lashing strap.

  • Gold plated 1/4-in. spade lugs on both ends.
  • Available #10 AWG Santoprene or Silicone insulated lead wire.
  • A - Red, B - Yellow, C - Blue phase markings.
  • Specify length when ordering. Standard length is
    2.5 meters (8ft).
  • Individual pairs or as a set for three-phase testing



Build a Spade Lug Current Lead Set
Ordering Code: Series - Insulation - Lead Type - Length

Example: 816 - A - A - 8 (Model 816 with Santoprene insulation, Single Phase lead A - Red, 8 foot long.
Example: 816 - B - C - 8 (Model 816 with Silicone insulation, Single Phase Lead C - Blue, 8 foot long.




Lead Type

Length in feet


A = Santoprene

B = Silicone

A = Single Phase, A - Red
B = Single Phase, B - Yellow
C = Single Phase, C - Blue
T = Three Phase, A - Red, B - Yellow, C - Blue

Standard 8ft


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