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Model 817 CT Lead Set

Made with super flexible #16 AWG, fine strand, rope lay conductors, the 817 series CT Leads consists of color coordinated single-phase pairs equipped with gold-plated, 4mm, un-shrouded banana connector on one end and a gold-plated, 4mm shrouded, stackable banana connector on the other end. Each pair is enclosed in gray PET armor and come with a hook and loop lashing strap. Conductors are color coded for fast safe identification and use.

The 817 series represents Arbiter's in-house constructed CT lead sets. Arbiter Systems also offer Shielded CT leads (CA0013800, CA0014300, CA0029000). Additionally, they offer the CA0027100 for use with the Model 928A, and the CA0027200 for use with the Model 933A with the Option 03 Input Module

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  • Gold-Plated, Safety-Shrouded, Stackable Banana Plug one end.
  • Gold-Plated, 4mm, Un-shrouded, stackable Banana Plug one end
  • Available in #16 AWG Santoprene or #16 AWG Silicone lead  wire
  • A - Red, B - Yellow, C - Blue, Neutral White color coding.
  • Specify length when ordering. Standard length is 2.5 meters (8ft).
  • Available as individual pairs, three-phase set, or four-phase set.

Build a CT Lead Set
Ordering Code: Series - Insulation - Lead Type - Length

Example: 817 - A - A - 8 (Model 817 with Santoprene insulation, Single Phase lead A - Red / Black, 8 foot long.
Example: 817 - B - C - 8 (Model 817 with Silicone insulation, Single Phase Lead C - Blue / Black, 8 foot long




Lead Type

Length in feet


A = Santoprene

B = Silicone

A = Single Phase, A - Red / Black
B = Single Phase, B - Yellow / Black
C = Single Phase, C - Blue / Black
N = Single Phase Set, N - White / Black
T = Three Phase, A - Red / Black, B - Yellow / Black, C - Blue / Black
F = Four Phase Set,
A - Red / Black, B - Yellow / Black, C - Blue / Black,
      N - White / Black

Standard 8ft


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