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VLF High Voltage Test Equipment with HVA Series
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  VLF High Voltage HVA Series
  Tangent Delta TD Series
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   HVA28TD high voltage test set (VLF 29kVpk 24kVrms)
   HVA34 high voltage tester (34kVpk 24kVpkrms)
   HVA40-5 hipot tester  - High Voltage Test Set(43kVpk 32kVpkrms)
   HVA45-TD high voltage tester (49kVpk 34kVpkrms with option)
   HVA54-3 high voltage tester (sinusoidal 54kVpk 38kVrms)
   HVA60 AC hipot tester (sinusoidal 62kVpk 44kVrms)
   HVA68-2 cable tester (sinusoidal 68kVpk 48kVrms)
   HVA90 insulation tester (sinusoidal 90kVpk 64kVrms)
   HVA94 cable tester (sinusoidal 94kVpk 68kVrms)
   HVA120 insulation tester (sinusoidal 120kVpk 85kVrms)
   HVA200 VLF HV test system (VLF sinusoidal 200kVpk 140kVrms

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