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B255 Comprehensive
Power Tool / Appliance Safety Tester
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The B255 comprehensive electrical safety tester is recognized as the industry standard and product of choice for the hire and service/repair industries. Simple straight-forward operation, compact size and a comprehensive range of measurement functions, makes this tester the leader in its class.


  • Ideal for rental and hire sector.
  • Simple clear controls.
  • Analog display of results and operation.
  • Visual and audible alarm.
  • Earth bond and Flash test measurements.
  • External Beacon connection and Guard switch.
  • Provides a full suite of electrical safety tests
  • Instrument supplied with: HT Probe, EC Clip Lead, Output Box, Fault Simulator, Test Log, Guard Plug, Mains Lead, and Instruction Manual.
  Testing with the B255 will ensure compliance with European and International standards for Class II products, such as EN 60335, EN 61029, EN 60065, EN 50144 and EN 60745. Tests: AC flash Earth bond, Earth leakage, Power / Run / Load
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