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B433R Stand Alone Earth / Ground Bond Tester
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The B433R Earth bond tester is cost effective, simple to use, rugged and suited to manufacturing or laboratory environments. It can deliver a test current of 25 amps through a resistance / impedance of 0.1 ohm from a low voltage AC source.

Its built-in test pass / fail threshold is indicated by a green LED. This is integral to the No-Burn test probe. The LED illuminates during test application and facilitates remote working when the operator is unable to see the test instrument. Behind a large product under test, for example.


  • Earth / Ground Bond Test.
  • Analog display.
  • Test current of 25 Amps AC into a 0.01Ω impedance.
  • Clear and simple interface.
  • No-burn earth bond probes supplied.
  • Built-in Pass / Fail indication by LEDs.


  This product meets the general requirements of the majority of international test standards that relate to system earth continuity or ground bonding measurement.
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