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HAL LED Multi-Function High Power Electrical Safety Tester
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Electrical Test Functions

  • Power / Functional Test (from AC mains 50/60Hz or 80V to 300V AC via external supply).
  • Protective Conductor Current Test (Leakage).
  • Touch current test.
  • 50Hz Flash / Hipot / Dielectric Strength test.
  • 60Hz Flash / Hipot / Dielectric Strength test.
  • DC Flash /  Hipot / Dielectric Strength test.
  • Earth / Ground Bond test at 40A.
  • Insulation Resistance test.








The HAL LED is designed to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency when safety testing on LED and other Luminaire production lines; whilst the high resolution power measurement allows for greater quality control measures to be implemented. The HAL LED tests in accordance with EN 60598.

100mVA Resolution Power Measurement
LED lighting is fast becoming the choice for 'green' conscious consumers; manufacturers are striving to produce more efficient lighting solutions for a competitive market.

With a 200mVA resolution, the HAL LED is designed so that manufacturers can measure the output of every product manufactured to ensure it falls within acceptable power limits. This gives the manufacturer peace of mind that correct components, such as LED drivers were fitted at time of manufacture.


  • Greater accuracy for low power verification - 1000VA Power measuring range with 200mVA power resolution.
  • Storage of test results offers full traceability on tested products.
  • Flexible parameters allow for worldwide product testing to meet IEC/EN/UL international standards.
  • Increased operator safety in compliance with EN 50191, due to isolated test outputs on Flash / Hipot / Dielectric Strength / Insulation test.
  • Repeatable test conditions independent of supply fluctuations are enabled by regulated outputs on Flash / Hipot / Dielectric Strength / Insulation and Ground / Earth Bond tests.
  • PLC and Remote control - Simple command protocol for external control via communications port, ideal for automated test stations.
  • Large graphical display, visual and audible pass / fail indication provides easy to read test values and increased test status awareness.
  • Operation from 115 volt and 230 volt AC mains supply, with selectable 50Hz or 60Hz output frequency.
  • Barcode scanner support enables fast, accurate data entry.



As well as power measurements, the Clare HAL LED also features leakage, touch current, hipot, insulation resistance and earth bond tests. The ability to configure user settings and test sequences offers flexibility for testing different types of products, and automation for faster testing.

The onboard memory allows accurate and comprehensive test results to be stored with date and time stamps for up to 6000 products, ensuring an audit of results for quality control systems and peace of mind.

The Clare HAL LED is designed with safety in mind, a variety of accessories are available to support compliance with EN 50191 (safe test area requirements), and various design features including the isolated test outputs ensures user safety

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