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Safety e-Base Pro Software for
Production Line Testing
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Safety e-Base Specifications
Support System
   ● Windows XP 32-bit
   ● Windows XP 64-bit
   ● Windows 7 32-bit
   ● Windows 7 64-bit
System Requirements
   ● 1GHz Processor
   ● 256MB RAM
   ● 100MB Hard Disc Storage









Used in conjunction with a ClareHAL safety tester, Safety e-Base Pro delivers supreme productivity, enabling totally customizable test sequences to be set up and operated via a PC from any safe, convenient location, even away from production line if required.

Intuitive user-interface is taken a step further with the ability to provide user prompts in text or picture format - operators can be guided step-by-step on what to do next, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. Total traceability and auditability of results is made possible through virtually unlimited storage, with results being stored on a PC as well as within the tester.

Safety e-Base Pro has been designed to ensure production line testing is not only fast and simple, but also reliable and fully customizable to meet the unique needs of any given production environment.



  • Intuitive user-interface.
  • Full Remote Control of Clare HAL safety testers.
  • View live test data streamed from the HAL including analog control inputs.
  • Separate engineer and operator modes.
  • Custom operator prompts / alerts.
  • Control over analog inputs: naming, scaling, and setting units.
  • XML file format and Safety e-Base Results Viewer tool.
  • Export to CSV format (for spreadsheet applications).
  • Compatible with barcode scanner.



Two separate modes enables both the test engineer and the test operator to benefit from Safety e-Base Pro. The engineer mode allows custom test sequences to be programmed. And when used with ClareHAL tester, it enables eight analogue inputs to be displayed and stored on the PC alongside electrical tests being performed.

Operator mode simplifies the testing process, offering an intuitive user interface and custom text of pictorial prompts at every step of the process if desired.

Traceability of results is greatly improved with the ability to store test sequence data on either a PC or a centrally located network drive to suit your audit requirements. Test results are stored in XML format which can easily be transformed or imported into other data formats such as CSV.

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