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5250 Series Portable Cable Fault Locating System

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Haefely Hipotronics'  5250 Systems meet the demanding needs of utilities, industrials, and contractors who require a highly portable, easy to use, complete fault locating system. The 5250 system utilizes the most innovative TDR techniques; along with the highest energy, battery operated portable compact thumper the market has to offer.

These systems will reduce your fault location time by up to 80% allowing quick and easy sectionalizing of fault loop feed URD installations without disconnecting transformers and provide fast fault location in underground cables. Isolation of a cable fault between two transformers is easily identified.




  • Complete Fault Locating System in a Single Package.
  • Highly Portable Lightweight Package.
  • Output Energy up to 2000 Joules at Either Voltage Range.
  • User Friendly Step by Step Operation.
  • 100MHz TDR Sampling Rate.
  • Saves up to 16 Three-Phase Cable Traces and 16 User Defined
    Test Profiles.
  • Windows™ based TDR with RS-232 Port to Download Traces to Computer.
  • Dual Mode Operation Automatic through the TDR and Manual
    from 5250.
  • Fully Powered from AC or the Included 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery.
  • Waterproof Interlocked Cabinet.
  • Single Piece Solution - the need to buy and maintain several pieces
    of equipment goes away.
  • Reduce Damage to Residential Property - this compact lightweight unit mounted on a hand cart with wheels is ideal for field use anywhere.
  • Easier Fault Finding - a fast rise time pulse makes testing of URD cable and locating the fault simpler.
  • Time Saving - fault location time and time spent digging up the cable is reduced with the high resolution TDR.
  • Use it Regardless of the Weather - wholly self-contained and waterproof design, minimizes setup hassles.
  • Simple Fault Pinpointing - operators can simply pinpoint faults due to the high energy output of the power supply.



The 5250 battery powered cable fault locator combines a high voltage filter, digital high voltage TDR and battery charger into one complete, easy to use, cost-effective package. Operation of the entire system is done from the controls of the TDR1150, or manually from the 5250 control panel. Connection to the cable under test is easy with quick clamp connectors on an HV output cable.

Once the 5250 is connected to the cable under test, a trained operator will be able to find faults in a matter of minutes. The digital TDR1150 allows built-in storage of waveforms. In addition, the 5250 TDR1150 has a built-in serial port to allow an operator to download waveforms to a computer for evaluation or long-term storage


 Scope of Supply


Included Items with Purchase of Instrument

One each: CFFR-30 or CFFR-15 Hipot/Thumper, TDR1150 and Power Supply, 50 feet HV Cable, MC connector, vise-grip clamp and grounding clamp, 25 feet Safety ground cable with grounding clamp, Wheeled hand cart, Internal 12 Volt rechargeable battery and charger, TDR software, Calibration Certificate, User's manual. Plus Two Interconnecting Cables, BNC to BNC 3 feet.


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