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DDX9101 Digital  Partial Discharge Detector



The DDX 9101 is the effective solution for routine pass/fail partial discharge testing, it has basic functions of an analog detector and meets all IEC and IEEE/ANSI standards for partial discharge testing. It's a straight forward replacement for older analog detectors of any make or model. The DDX 9101 simply measures the level of partial discharge and applied test voltage. It's designed to help you modernize your testing facility at an affordable price.

This simple-to-use detector is controlled via eight control buttons on the front panel. To operate the detector, select the desired operation mode and choose the appropriate amplifier settings. Calibrate the measurement setup, set the maximum acceptable PD level and start the test. Once the voltage is applied to the test object, an indicator on the screen tells you if the test has passed or failed.




  • Settable PD threshold with indicator light when limit is exceeded.
  • Ethernet port for communication with PC (Optional).
  • Data acquisition and remote control software package.
  • Two modes of operation - meter mode or scope mode.
  • Compact, 3U (19-inch) rack mount case is ideal for integrating into a test system.
  • Perfect for pass/fail testing - you set the allowable PD level and the unit determines pass/fail.
  • Simple to Use - 8 buttons on the front panel are all you need to operate the detector.
  • Straight Forward Replacement - if you've got an old analog unit and need a cost effective, simple replacement, look no further than the DDX 9101.
  • Multiple detector - with data acquisition/remote control software you can operate and monitor multiple detectors at the same time.

The most distinguishing feature of the DDX 9101 advanced software is the ability to operate and monitor multiple detectors simultaneously. If you are a manufacturer performing routine PD tests in multiple bays, each DDX 9101 can be linked to a single PC enabling remote controls, monitoring and acquisition of all data.


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