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HVM Series High Voltage MegOhmmeters

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The HVM Series Megohmmeters are designed for portable use in the field or factory. The rugged construction of these instruments is ideally suited to applications in industrial or sub station environments where measurements to 300,000 Megohms at voltages up to 15kV are required

Applications include insulation resistance, polarization index and dielectric absorption testing of apparatus and insulation samples to IEEE, ANSI, UL, MIL, and other standards. A regulated power supply and guard circuit suppression enhance accurate measurements. Surge suppression, short circuit protection and meter recalibration provision guarantee reliable and accurate performance. Test leads are included with each instrument



  • Continuously adjustable test voltage from zero to rated voltage.
  • Shielded output cable.
  • Guard circuit for accurate readings.
  • Megohm readings to 300,000 Megohms.
  • Line regulation to minimize effect of line variations.
  • Shorting switch grounds output cable.
  • Press to test - Lockable push-button switch.
  • Single scale - voltmeter.
  • Four range multiplier switch.
  • Four range current meter.
  • Surge-limiting resistors in High Voltage output.
  • Ideal for field testing - compact, lightweight and rugged makes it suitable for field orientated applications.
  • Operator Safety - the power supply and test object are automatically grounded when high voltage is turned off and there is no exposed high voltage.
  • Simple to Use - a minimal amount of setup time and a simple control panel allows simple testing every time.
  • Accurate Resistance Measurement - while guard circuit eliminates stray leakage currents.

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0 to 5kV DC output as per Scope of Supply


0 to 10kV DC output as per Scope of Supply


0 to 15kV DC output as per Scope of Supply


0 to 5kV DC output as per Scope of Supply


0 to 10kV DC output as per Scope of Supply


0 to 15kV DC output as per Scope of Supply


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