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PT30 30kVA Secondary Power Restoration Unit

The PT-30 secondary service power restoration unit is designed to temporarily restore underground secondary service when one phase has failed and one phase remains, or if the neutral has been lost.

By connecting the PT-30 between the customer's meter socket and the meter, power can be immediately restored without having to locate and repair the cable fault with 30KVA of available restoration power (150 Amps). This allows for repair of the cable to be completed when schedule permits

Oversized tires and large handcart allow for easy manoeuvrability across uneven surfaces. With a built in 150 Amp breaker, voltage indicator lights, and hand held meter outputs, the PT-30 ensures that power is restored quickly and safely




  • 30kVA power restoration capability.
  • Oversized Handcart distributes weight evenly.
  • Voltage indicators ensures voltage is present on both phases.
  • 150 Amp Circuit Breaker.
  • 15-inch Pneumatic Wheel design for rough terrain.
  • External Dual hand held voltmeter output access.
  • Adapter Hanger for ease of transport.
  • Weather resistant NEMA enclosure design.


  • Simple Operation - only a minimal amount of user training is needed to restore power.
  • Restore Power Quickly - repair cable faults when schedule permits.
  • Effortless Manoeuvrability - oversized tyres and handcart allow for easy transportation.


Secondary service power restoration unit. (includes: Modified Steel Handcart with transformer, Circuit Breaker, Box and Meter Adapter, Manual and Application Note)


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