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 UHVDC Ultra High Voltage DC
 Test Systems



The Haefely Hipotronics UHV DC Series of Insulation Test Equipment provides the best solution for UHV DC test requirements. The system is built from standard 400 or 600kV DC HV modules and is available with standard outputs from 400 to 1800kV DC. With Hipotronics industry leading compact design, they are able to reduce the floor space required in the test area, while still achieving the required voltage.

Haefely Hipotronics standard line of UHVDC Test Systems are designed to perform ultra high voltage DC insulation tests on electrical apparatus, bushings, transformers and cable in accordance with IEC 61378, IEC 62199, CIGRE 219 and 189, and other national test standards. The system is built with standard modules that allow for simple setup and operation while also allowing for cost-effective and easy expansion of the system if testing requirements change in the future.



  • Low ripple < 3% displayed in real time.
  • Quick Polarity reversal - meets latest test standards.
  • Remote Control - remote control of system possible.
  • Mobile - system design for use in the field.
  • Automatic Data Acquisition - allows foe quick and easy generation of test reports.
  • Rated Current available to rated voltage.


  • Simple to Use - quick setup time and intuitive control panel allows for easy testing.
  • Minimal Footprint - allows for testing of equipment in small lab spaces.
  • Expandable - standard modules allow for easy future expansion of the system.
  • User safety - visible grounding system with external interlocks available.
  • Partial Discharge Testing - low PD levels available up to full output voltage (PD level needs to be specified when ordering and may require additional components).

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