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600-DMG1 CT Demagnetization Circuit

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CT Demagnetization Before
Demag -- Ratio 212.4

CT Demagnetization After
Demag -- Ratio 200.2




Many of you have seen a measured ratio test reading of a CT that was not what it should be: For example, a 200:5 CT that measured out to be 212:5 but passed the burden test. This is a magnetized CT. And what can you do about it?

Wither nothing or change out the CT. Noe there is a third option: The Spinlab Demag Circuit used in tandem with the Bird Dog Plus. Of the 32 failure modes of a meter circuit, magnetized CTs are by far the most common ones after installation errors. A magnetized CT can be caused by a lighting strike, ground fault, or open circuiting a CT.

With this shoebox size device, you simply attach the duckbill connector to the phase of the test switch you want to demagnetize, turn the unit 'On' press the 'Demag button', and in less than 60 seconds your CT will be demagnetized. It is that easy, and you don't have to take anything out of service! Never has increasing the accuracy of a CT-metered site been easier

  • Works on any CT rated site - primary or secondary.
  • Works on secondary current from 0.1 amp to 10 amps.
  • Safety lockouts built-in for excessive current, voltage, and temperature readings.
  • Interfaces directly to the Bird Dog Plus for easy before and after monitoring to prove results.
  • Compact size and weight allows you to carry it easily from site to site.
  • Automatically predetermines the extent of the test needed to demagnetize a CT based on load and the degree of magnetization.
  • Demagnetizes a CT normally in less than one minute.
  • No batteries to maintain - works from the site power.

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