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Model 6000-SG1 SpinGraph Report Generation Software


Custom Reporting and Graphing Program for Windows 95, NT, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Spingraph Deluxe is a very feature rich report and graphical generation software, combining ease of use with a state of the art ODBC database. First upload your data to the PC. Then with the click of a mouse, this SpinGraph Deluxe will take your raw data and turn it into a superior report.

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  CT Testing (Ratio Burden Tests)
  CT Testing 3-Phase Meter Test
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  CT Demagnetization

   SpinGraph Deluxe will take  your raw
   data and turn it into a superior report.

  • 3-phase vector plot
  • 3-phase ratio / burden graph
  • Accuracy of the meter circuit
  • Accuracy of the meter
  • System accuracy of your entire site with a 3-phase bar chart





Besides effortlessness report generation, SpinGraph Deluxe has other benefits:

  • Print Preview - Shows you exactly what the report will look like before printing.
  • E-mail reports - Using Outlook or Outlook Express, you can e-mail reports directly from SpinGraph.
  • Data Flagging - To show when your user defined values are out of range.
  • Save reports in PDF format.
  • Notes for locations - Write as long a note as you want foe each location in your database.
  • Automatic calculation of rated ratios.
  • Improved User Interface - Toolbar, font style and color, user definable frames and shading color.
  • Full editing capability of data while keeping data integrity.
SpinGraph Deluxe comes standard with any 6000 Bird Dog Plus purchase.

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