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2820  C, L and Tan Delta
 Measuring Bridge

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Dielectric Analyzer


The Dielectric-Loss Analyzing System 2820A is a power factor tester designed for measurement of very low dielectric losses and impedances (Dissipation Factor and Power Factor) of high voltage apparatus. The instrument works on the principal of a combined bridge-vector-meter and is capable of analyzing capacitance and inductive loads with outstanding accuracy and stability certified by leading metrology institutions.



  • Accuracy capacitance 0.01%, tan δ 1 x 10-4
  • Additional signal analysis capabilities like Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Scope and Data Logger are integrated.
  • Advanced, well-engineered test equipment, optimized to the specific application.
  • Compact, reliable and EMC hardened design.
  • Integrated solution with built-in industrial computer.
  • Easy to operate - with Manual and Automated test modes, Software assisted test preparation, Execution and Trend analysis.
  • Complete Measuring System - including power supplies, standard capacitors, current comparators, test cells, application support and calibration from one supplier.
  • Wide Application Range - losses of all types of insulation including shunt reactors under unstable power frequency can be measured.
  • Upgrade - Outdated Tettex bridge models (e.g. 2877, 2801, 2821, etc.) can be easily replaced, with existing cable sets.

Ordering Information

   MIDAS 2820 High Precision C, L, Tan Delta Measuring Bridge. Instrument includes Mains Cable,
  Operating Instructions and Test Certificate

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