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   Haefely -- Current and Voltage Instruments 2880 MIDAS - Insulation Diagnostic & Analyzing System

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The MIDAS is a portable power factor tester for periodic maintenance and inspection of high voltage insulation losses of electrical apparatus, especially in the harsh electrical environments experience in substations and other field locations.

Designed for testing at local power-line frequency (50/60Hz), MIDAS automatically measures and records dissipation factor (tan delta), power factor and all other relevant values of impedances. Damage or changes in the insulation material are detected rapidly and reliably. Further-more the optional built-in 3-phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter and/or Frequency Response Analyser help detect faulty transformer windings as well as defective tap positions.


MIDAS 2880 and 2881
Analyzing System

To analyze the condition and quality of high voltage insulation, the system performs automated measurement of:

  • Dissipation Factor and Power Factor.
  • Short Circuit Impedance and Excitation Current.
  • Additional measuring capabilities like Capacitance, Quality Factor, Frequency, Voltage, Current, Power Losses, Impedance, Inductance, Reactance, Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Scope and Datalogger.
  • Frequency Response Analysis.
  • Turns ratio, voltage ratio, phase displacement.
  • Trending Analysis.
  • Manual and Automatic (Sequencer) test operation.
  • Built-in high voltage supply (4kVA and 15kVA
  • Built-in, long-term stable standard capacitor.
  • Rugged, reliable and safe construction.
  • State-of-the-art integrated PC running actual Windows platform with advanced user interface.


  • Shortest equipment set-up and measuring time by an "all in one" unit. High output power allows testing of biggest class
    power transformers in the shortest time.
  • Self-explanatory user interface with large graphical colour TFT touch screen. Manual and Automatic test operation. Software assisted test planning, preparation, execution and first assessment.
  • Highest accuracy in field-testing using the latest measuring techniques as well as the highest long-term stability of system accuracy by using a gas-insulated standard capacitor as internal reference arm and self-calibrating measurement sensors.
  • Advanced interface suppression allows measurement at local power-line frequency as recommended in the related standard IEEE/ANSI 57.12.90

Ordering Information

   MIDAS 2880 System with touch screen operated PC head as system controller. Max. output voltage 12kV
   MIDAS 2880G System as above but with maximum output voltage of 15kV.
   MIDAS 2881 System with laptop as system controller. Max. output voltage 12kV
   MIDAS 2881G System as above but with maximum output voltage of 15kV.

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