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ACVOKE - Precision Engineered Cable Spiking Gun

Acvoke -Precision Engineered
Cable Spiking Gun

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Accles & Shelvoke specializes in the manufacture and supply of precision engineered cartridge powered cable spiking guns. The "ACVOKE" Cable Spiker was developed in 1952 in cooperation with the Central Electricity Generating Board. The "ACVOKE" Cable Spiker is a cartridge powered tool which when fired drives a steel spike through high voltage electricity cables short circuiting the power and making the cable dead and therefore safe to work on.

In order to enable the spiking operation to be carried out in perfect safety, the Accles & Shelvoke Cable Spiker cable spiking gun has the great advantage that it can be remotely controlled at the moment of firing by means of a lanyard (rope) release. The operator can thus stand at a point of safety and if by chance a "live" cable is spiked, the damage will be local to the cable.

As the speed of penetration of the spiking punch is so rapid, it has been found in practice that even if a " live" cable is spiked, usually no damage to the cable spiker results. If however, the fault current happens to be extremely high, it may be that the actual spiking punch itself may suffer, but yet be capable of tripping a normally operating breaker.

This punch, is of course, easily replaceable and a spare can be fitted in a matter of seconds. An added feature of the ACCLES & SHELVOKE CABLE SPIKER is that the wide punch shears the cable partially or totally, depending on the cable size, hence reducing additional cable cutting effort.

The Accles & Shelvoke Cable Spiker is suitable for use with all types and voltages of power cable including single and multiple conductor laminated, polymeric, elastomeric, unshielded, shielded, concentric neutral, interlock armoured, steel wire armoured, leaded covered etc., designs in either fixed or portable installations.


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