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A-6 Cable Tracker

This model is for exceptionally sensitive pipe or cable searching. The model A-6 Tracer offers both conductive, inductive, and on-handle searching. The model is a completely self-contained system with receiver and transmitter folding into one easy-to-carry case The model A-6  also traces non-metallic pipes using either the 'Sewer Snooper' or the 'Mini-Snooper' shown above.

Aqua-Tronics Model A-6 Cable Tracker

  • Conductive Tracing: A transmitter with impedance-matching capabilities energizers the metal pipe or line for electromagnetic pickup. Variable power transmitter for crowded line locations (burnout protected).
  • Inductive Tracing: The A-6 offers the largest antennas on the market for penetrating more deeply for pipe or cable detection.
  • On-Handle: Operates as a commercial metal detector for locating pipes, cables, conduits, or valves.

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