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Cable I.D. Live

Easily identify one cable from another. Whether you are in the trench or out of the trench, transformer to transformer, house to transformer, pole to transformer, or ground rod to ground rod you will be able to diagnose the situation quickly.

Aqua-Tronics Cable I.D. Live Features
  • Primary or Secondary.
  • In or Out of the Trench.
  • Tx-Former to Tx-Former.
  • Tx-Former to Meter.
  • Energized or Grounded.
  • Secondary, jacketed primary, or street light.
  • Simple and Easy to Use.

Much safer than the DC impulse method. Sometimes contractors leave excess cables in the ground. The three-cables you see in the trench may be the same cable from a loop or coil. The Cable I.D. will avoid this problem.


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