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M.O.M. Magnetic Only Meter

Overview - Pre-locates faults with thumper
Small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, the M.O.M. comes with a 9 volt battery that provides 75 to 100 hours of continuous service. A rugged but light nylon case, slung from the neck, allows one-handed operation and protects the instrument. The M.O.M. is microprocessor controlled, operates well in extreme temperatures and has no moving parts.

Aqua-Tronics Model M.O.M. Magnetic Only Meter

  • Low Cost mini fault detector senses magnetic wave from thumper and brightly locates location.
  • Walk the cable route to 'see' thumper signal pass; general location of fault is detected where signal falls off. LED bar graph shows clearly in the dark.
  • One hand operation with M.O.M. slung from neck; single control operation

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