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Application Notes
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Timing and Frequency

Establish Traceability National Laboratory Level
GPS Substation Clock Requirements
IRIG-B Time Code Accuracy
NERC PRC-08 Compliance Statement
Time in the Power Industry - How and Why We Use It
Why GPS Clocks Are Not Free
Synchronized Power Measurements Accurate CT Calibration for Model 1133A
Conventions for Energy and Sequence Components Model 1133A
Direction of Harmonics and Flicker Model 1133A
Definitions of Energy Flow Model 1133A
Extended Calibration Interval Model 1133A
Phasor Measurement Specifications Model 1133A
Power Sentinel Functional Description Model 1133A
PSCSV Software Tutorial Model 1133A
Remote GPS Receiver for Model 933A
Synchronizing End-To-End Relay Testing Model 1133A
Triggering in the Model 1133A Power Sentinel
What is Absolute Phase Angle? - Model 1133A
Using SensorLink Litewires with Model 933A
Power Measurement and Calibration Measuring Low Level Signals with Model 931A
  Using Clamp-On Current Transformers with Power Analyzers
  Logging Files from the Model 931A Power System Analyzer
  Model 921A combustible Gas Meter Filter Replacement
  Calibrating Meters and Transducers with Model 1040C/CU
  Training - Model 1040C Panel Meter Calibrator

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