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1040C/CU Panel Meter Calibrator
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931A Three-Phase Power System Analyzer

931A Three-Phase Power System Analyzer

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Model 1040C/1040CU Panel Meter Calibrator - Overview

The Arbiter Systems Inc. Model 1040C and 1040CU Panel Meter Calibrator (PMC) integrates eight calibration functions: voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, phase, reactive power (VARs), and synchroscope into one compact portable package. The units are designed to easily calibrate virtually every type of panel meter and many transducers, circuit breakers and overcurrent relays. Model 1040C includes a hand-held control allowing operation at a distance when calibrating panel meters in the control room substation.

The Model 1040C's precision AC/DC voltage and current sources may operate independently to calibrate voltmeters, ammeters, and frequency meters, or together to calibrate watt meters, watthour meters, power factor meters, VAR meters, and phase meters.

Model 1040C and 1040CU Panel Meter Calibrator

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  • Calibrates panel meters, transducers, circuit breakers and overcurrent relays.
  • Rugged, portable for field work.
  • Model 1040C includes hand-held controller for remote/distance operations.
  • Works with external standard model 931A.
  • Self-test and diagnostics built-in.
  • Supports complex measurement sequences with included store-recall memory function.

Models 1040C and 1040CU
The model 1040C is also an excellent source for calibrating high-accuracy transducers and revenue meters, when used with an external standard. The Model 931A Power System Analyzer is a good companion instrument for these tests, with basic accuracy of 0.05%, built-in transducer output measurement capability and timer. The Model 931A also performs a wide variety of other measurements. Together these two instruments can calibrate and measure the vast majority of your work load requirements.

The lower priced Model 1040CU offers all of the same performance and features as the 1040C, but it has binding post outputs instead of detachable output cables, and it has no hand-held control unit. There is also no storage compartment in the unit's lid, and the maintenance manual is optional. For applications which do not require these features, the Model 1040CU offers significant savings.


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