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Model 1073A
Distribution Amplifier
Time Code Distribution Solution
designed to buffer and distribute signals generated by other Arbiter GPS Satellite-Controlled Clocks.

Looking for a time code distribution solution? Need even more outputs? Is your installation spread across a wider geographic area? Is a second clock not practical? The Model 1073A was built to address these and other challenges, while providing the flexibility to configure the device to fill specific needs.

Arbiter Systems Model 1073A Distribution Amplifier

  • Ability to extend time signals generated by models 1088A, 1084A/B/C, 1093A/B/C and 1092A/B/C.
  • Copper or fiber optic cabling support.
  • Time code and frequency signals support (not suitable for distribution of modulated IRIG-B signals).

Designed to buffer and distribute time codes and signals generated by sources such as Models 1088B, 1084A/B/C, and 1092A/B/C. Model 1073A includes three separate channels, each with four high drive outputs. Via copper or the optional fiber optic board, you can link additional facilities easily, and still get the high accuracy without adding more clocks.

Output capabilities include AC and DC coupled modes. In AC-coupled mode, the unit can receive and distribute 5 volts CMOS/TTL logic-level signals such as 1 PPS and unmodulated IRIG-B time-code.

Note: Because of the limiting amplifiers and frequency limit when AC-coupled, the Model 1073A is not suitable for distribution of modulated IRIG-B signals.


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