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Model 1083B GPS Satellite-Controlled
Frequency Standard

Model 1083B Frequency Standard/Comparator delivers performance comparable to atomic frequency standards, but at a fraction of the price.

Suitable for use as the frequency reference for counters and signal generators, or for multiplication to microwave frequencies. The Model 1083B features standard sine wave outputs of 1MHz, 5MHz and 10MHz with outstanding spectral purity and long-term stability.

Model 1083B GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard

  • Atomic frequency performance at low cost.
  • Produces traceable standard frequencies at 1MHz, 5MHz, and 10MHz.
  • 1 PPS output provided for time standard applications.
  • Supports up to eight outputs.


The base price includes three sine waves (any combination of 1MHz, 5MHz, or 10MHz) and one PPS square wave. Optionally, up to five additional sine wave outputs are available in any combination of 1MHz, 5MHz, and 10MHz.

A frequency measurement option allows the 1083B to measure the deviation and Alian Variance of a 1MHz, 5MHz, or 10MHz signal and the deviation of a 1 PPS signal. As with all Arbiter GPS based clocks, the 1083B includes a GPS Data Backup Battery improving acquisition time and supplying constant power to the real-time clock and RAM in the GPS receiver module.


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