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Model 10881A
Fiber-Optic to Logic - Adapter

The Model 10881A Fiber-Optic to Logic Adapter allows transmissions of a digital signal over several kilometers and upon receiving, for the conversion to +5V CMOS logic level output signal. One optical signal is received and simultaneously sent as an electrical signal on two separate, individually-buffered BNC or Pluggable Terminal output connectors.

The signal logic level is HI whenever the optical signal is ON. Whenever optical data is received the Data LED illuminates (flashers).


Model 10881A Fiber-Optic to Logic - Adapter

  • Field Installable.
  • 820nm Wavelength Technology.
  • Specified with 50/125m, 62.5/125m, 100/140m, and 200m HCS Fiber.
  • Support for long distance transmission (several kilometers).
  • Can be used with any Arbiter GPS satellite controlled clock.
  • Select BNC or Pluggable Terminal output connectors.
  • Can be used with DIN Rail mounting bracket.
  • For new installations of any Arbiter GPS clock, connect the Model 10881A to the desired end of a fiber-optic link from any digital signal, especially unmodulated (or demodulated) IRIG-B timing signal.
  • For existing GPS clock installations using a fiber-optic link to remote devices. Connect the Model 1088A to the end of a fiber-optic cable link, to convert and distribute electrical timing signals.


Operating Temperature

-10C to 50C

Storage Temperature

-40C to 75C


Fiber-optic signal via a 62.5/125m2 fiber; -10dBm to -24dBm input level

Input Connector

One type ST fiber optic connector


+5 Volt CMOS signal

Output Connectors

Two (2) standard BNC connectors or two (2) Pluggable terminal strips

Output Impedance

10 Ohms

Output Current

75mA maximum

Power Input

+9V to +13.5V DC, 6mA (no load) to 50mA (with load)

Power Connector

3.5mm male mini-plug, tip positive


50mm x 38mm x 50mm (overall dimensions including connectors





I/O 10881Aopt01

Two (2) BNC output connectors

I/O 10881Aopt02

Two (2) pluggable terminal output connectors


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