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Model 10889A Fiber-Optic to Logic Adapter - 6 Outputs

The Model 10889A Fiber-Optic to Logic Adapter converts signals received via optical fiber into CMOS levels. The received signal is distributed to six individually-buffered outputs, each using a two-pin connector. Mating connectors are supplied with the unit.

The outputs deliver 0 to 5-volt logic signals, with a high output corresponding to fiber illumination. A green light emitting diode is lighted whenever the output levels are high.

The 10889A is powered by an external 9.0V to 13.5V DC source. With all outputs fully loaded, the input current required will be less than 250mA. A second green LED indicates that power is supplied to the unit. Power is supplied via a two-pin header, with included mating connector. The input is protected against reverse polarity.

 see application note 101 >>


Model 10889A Fiber-Optic to Logic Adapter - 6 Outputs

  • Converts signals from optical fiber to CMOS logic level.
  • Up to six outputs available.
  • Works with all Arbiter Systems GPS satellite-controlled clock products.



Fiber-optic signal via a 62.5/125m fiber; -10dBm input level
Also usable with 50/125m, 100/140m and 200m PCS fiber


5 Volt CMOS signal via 6 two-terminal headers (mating connectors supplied)


10 Ohms

Source/Sink Capability

75mA maximum per output, for 50% maximum duty cycle

Status LEDs

Data LED (indicates that data is being transmitted)

Power LED (indicates that power is applied to the 10889A)

Power Input

9 Volts to 13.5 Volts DC, 250mA

Operating Temperature

-10C to 50C

Storage Temperature

-40C to 75C


102mm x 56mm x 42mm (including mating connectors)






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