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Model 1133A Power Sentinel™ with Digital Signal Analysis - Overview

A leader in synchrophasor measurement and analysis. The Model 1133A Power Sentinel™ merges precision time synchronization and power measurement features into a single PMU compatible device.

Bridging the gap between Precision Timing and Power Quality Measurement Model 1133A Power Sentinel™ delivers practically unlimited functionality to the electric power professional. Compliant with IEEE C37.118, Model 1133A is a rack mountable Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) compatible device featuring the highest accuracy possible.

Model 1133A Power Sentinel™ with Digital Signal Analysis

Key Features
  • IEEE C37.118 compatible PMU device.
  • Synchronized via internal GPS Satellite receiver.
  • Market leading synchrophasor support.
  • Revenue Accuracy: 0.015%.
  • Power Quality: Harmonics, Flicker, Interruptions.
  • Phasor Measurements for Stability and Flow Analysis.
  • System Time and Frequency Deviation.
  • Internal Data / Event Logging.
  • Two-year warranty.

The unit provides exceptional support for synchronized timing applications enabling the Model 1133A to take a leadership role in synchrophasor measurement and analysis. Measure system phase angle, monitor power quality, derive frequency and time deviations and tackle revenue metering challenges from a single unit. The advanced technology, featuring Arbiter's proprietary EnergyDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis technology makes all this and more - possible.

Revenue Metering
The Model 1133A measures revenue more accurately than any meter ever before. The difference between 0.025% and 0.1% is surprising. With many transmission lines wheeling thousands of megawatts of power, the difference in accuracy of 0.075% translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a year's duration. Even at lower power levels, improved accuracy yields significant revenue enhancement.

Data and Event Logging
Thirty-two megabytes of flash memory are standard. This non-volatile memory can record revenue data, power quality, internally detected faults, alarms, events, and external events. Four optically-isolated event inputs may be used to monitor external events.

A built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite receiver synchronizes your Model 1133A within 1µs of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which may also be converted to your local time. With synchronization, revenue data can be accumulated in intervals as short as one minute. Other substation equipment, such as digital fault recorders, solid-state relays, remote terminal units, and programmable logic controllers, may be synchronized with the standard IRIG-B unmodulated time code output. This output has sufficient power to drive numerous loads, for example, 40 Schweitzer™ SEL-321 relays.


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