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Model 815 Fused Safety Voltage Probe Lead Set

Made with super flexible #16 AWG, fine strand, rope lay conductors, the 815 Series Fused Safety Voltage Leads are available in single phase, or three-phase 4-wire lead sets. The 815 Series lead sets feature color coordinated, gold-plated, 4mm safety-shrouded, stackable banana plugs both ends of the leads and come standard with plug-on accessories.

The fuse feature provides 200,000 amps interrupting capacity for improved safety with high fault energy feeder or service entry circuits. The neutral is not fused. NOT for use in current-transformer circuits, except for burden voltage (non-current-carrying) tests.


Model 815 Fused Safety Voltage Probe Lead Set

813 Series Safety-Shrouded Stackable Banana Plug
815 Series Safety-Shrouded Stackable Banana Plug


  • Single lead, single-phase, or three-phase 4-wire lead sets available.
  • Gold-plated, 4mm, safety-shrouded, stackable banana plugs on both ends.
  • Available in #16 AWG Santoprene or #16 AWG Silicone lead wire.
  • Multi-lead sets enclosed in PET armor and feature a hook and loop lashing strap.
  • Specify length when ordering. Standard length is
    2.5 meters (8 feet).
  • Includes 1 amp fuse.
  • Accepts class CC rejection fuses only.

Included Accessories
with each Model 815 - per wire

  • Safety plunger test clip.
  • Insulated plug-on alligator clip.
  • Plug-on test prod.
  • Insulated banana / spade adapter.

Each lead / set is color coordinated (wire, ends, and accessories). If a black neutral is specified, the white wire and accessories are replaced by black.

If plug-on accessories are not desired, lead set may be ordered without them. Accessories may also be purchased in sets or separately.

Build a Fused Safety Voltage Probe Lead Set
Ordering Code: Series - Insulation - Lead Type - Length - Accessories

Example: 815 - A - A - 8 (Model 815 with Santoprene insulation, Single lead A -Red, 8 foot long.
Example: 815 - B - S - 8 - N (Model 815 with Silicone insulation, Single Phase Lead A - Red, White neutral, No accessories




Lead Type

Length in feet



A = Santoprene

B = Silicone

A = Single Lead, A - Red
B = Single Lead, B - Yellow
C = Single Lead, C - Blue
K = Single Lead Black
N = Single Lead White
S = Single Phase, A - Red, White Neutral
SK = Single Phase, A - Red, Black Neutral
T = Three Phase, A - Red, B - Yellow, C - Blue, White Neutral
TK = Three Phase, A - Red, B - Yellow, C - Blue, Black Neutral

Standard 8ft

N = None


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