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933A Portable Power Sentinel™ with Digital Signal Analysis - Overview

Model 933A Portable Power Sentinel™. Arbiter's accurate and affordable portable power quality meter, with PMU compatible functions measuring synchrophasors, time, harmonics, flicker, K-factor, interruptions, phase and frequency.

The perfect field analyzer for the power quality engineer, Model 933A Portable Power Sentinel™ is the most accurate and affordable portable power quality meter in the industry. The proprietary EnergyDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis algorithms allow the user to measure or record harmonics, flicker (per IEC 61000-4-15, PST and instantaneous), K-factor and interruptions. The data logging capabilities allow the user to specify which data, continuously or when user specified thresholds are exceeded.

933A Portable Power Sentinel™ with Digital Signal Analysis

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Key Features
  • Measures and records harmonics, flicker, K-factor, interruptions.
  • Support for synchrophasor measurements.
  • Optionally measures system time, phase, frequency and phasors.
  • Can be synchronized via IRIG-B IEEE-1344 unmodulated input or GPS input.
  • 320 x 240 graphic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
  • 30-key multifunction keypad.
  • RS-232 cable included.
  • RS-232 or USB 1.1 port.
  • External power supply or Battery operated (NiMH, with 8-hours typical run time).

Time, Phase and Frequency Capabilities
Model 933A has the ability to also measure systems time, phase, frequency and phasors. When synchronized using the IRIG-B IEEE-1344 un-modulated input or the GPS input, the Model 933A is capable of accurate revenue metering and synchrophasor analysis per the IEEE-1344. Pre-fault data is buffered for half a second allowing for accurate fault recording and event driven data analysis. The host processor and the DSP each have 128 MB of memory which provides ample space for data storage.

Thanks to the high level of integration made possible with EnergyDSA™, this unit combines multiple capabilities into one compact, light weight instrument. Weighing less than 5.8kg, the Portable Power Sentinel is a power quality monitor, a data and event logger, a system monitor, and a revenue meter designed to accompany you wherever you go and operate continuously for a full eight-hour shift. The unit comes pre-assembled with the adjustable tilt handle / bail assembly for easy transportability.


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