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Model 935A Current Source

The Arbiter Systems Inc. Model 935A Current Source is designed to drive high currents up to 1000 amps rms, through low impedance loads. Output current is produced at the input line frequency through a toroidal current transformer. The input line level is selectable from 100V, 120V, 200V, 220V, and 240 volts rms. An output range selector switch and variable transformer allow easy setting of the output within the attainable range.

The Model 935A is an ideal source for testing instrument current transformers. Use the Model 935A Current Source in conjunction with the Model 931A power System Analyzer and the 936A Reference Current Transformer to accurately measure the ratio and phase angle errors on a wide variety of current transformers.

Model 935A Current Source



  • Drive up to 1000 Amps rms.
  • Input line level selectable from 10 to 240 volts rms.
  • Measure ratio and phase angle errors.
  • Works with Model 936A Reference Current Transformer
    and Model 931A Power System Analyzer.


Input - Line Selectable

100V, 120V, 200V, 220V, and 240 volts rms


50Hz or 60Hz

Output Current

1000 Amps

Output Power

840 Watts rms, maximum



Operating Temperature

0C to 40C

Storage Temperature

-40C to 85C




General Specifications

Dimensions (toroidal transformer)

90mm ID nominal, 3 meter cable length

Dimensions 935A

205mm x 305mm x 225mm




Ordering Information

Arbiter Systems 935A

Current Source includes Operating Manual and Country specific power cord.


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