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The breadth of Arbiter Systems products are designed to fill common needs across most applications and environments. When the need arises for solutions beyond the standard, look to Accessories, Options, and Assembled Test Leads and more.

Accessories are typically items that expand the usability of the unit, in the form of external attachments or substitutions. Examples include: Precision CTs, Antenna Mounting Systems, Rack Mounting Options, Multiple Antenna Cable Lengths, and various Test Leads and Adapters.

Arbiter Systems 09311A

Precision CT, 400 Amp (20:1), 0.1% Accuracy

Arbiter Systems AP0001300

Clamp-on CT, 1000 Amp (1000:1)

Arbiter Systems AP0010300

Clamp-on CT, 600 Amp (100:1)

Arbiter Systems AP0012300

Clamp-on CT, 150 Amp (100:1), 10mV/A (1V at 100A AC)

Arbiter Systems AP0012800

Clamp-on CT, 200 Amp (1000:1)

Arbiter Systems AP0012900

Clamp-on CT, 1000 Amps (250:5, 500:5, 1000:5)


Precision CT 0.1% Accessory
Precision CT 0.1% Accy.


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