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Model AP0012300 100:1 Clamp-on CT, 150Arms

The AP0012300 is a small size clamp-on CT that can handle currents up to 150 Amps rms. It is a voltage output clamp-on CT, with an output signal of 10mV/Amp AC.

Note: The Arbiter System Model 928A has a maximum input to the current terminals as follows: 1.2 Amps, and 1.2 Volts rms. When using the AP0012300 with this instrument you must limit the input current to 120 Amps AC.

Model AP0012300 100:1 Clamp-on CT, 150Arms




  • 100:1 Clamp-on CT.0.1A to 150Arms AC Current Output.
  • Output Connectors: 4mm safety banana jack
  • Accessory Cable supplied with CT.
  • Jaw Opening: 0.83 inch.
  • Compatible with: Arbiter Models 928A, 929A, 930A, 931A
    and 933A Power Meters and Analyzers


General Specifications

Current Range

0.1 to 150 Amps AC

Transformer Ratio

Voltage output

Output Signal

10mV / A (1 Volt = 100 Amp) AC


5.5" (L) x 2.0" (W) x 1.2" (D)


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