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AS0077601 Remote GPS Receiver for Doble Model F6150

The Arbiter Systems Inc. Remote GPS Receiver Provides GPS synchronization for the Doble Model F6150 at the standard GPS frequency (L1 band) of 1575.42 MHz. Thus providing the best timing accuracy for the Model 933A and the Doble Model F6150. Although the remote GPS receiver is sealed against the weather, it is designed for temporary outside operation..

AS0077601 Remote GPS Receiver for Doble Model F6150



Key Features

  • 15 meters of special antenna cable.
  • Separate power supply.
  • Connects directly to the Doble Model F6150 25-pin connector.


Timing Accuracy UTC/USNO

1s (only need one satellite with correct position)

Position Accuracy

10 meters, rms, 90% confidence

Satellite Tracking

Twelve (12) channel, C/A code (1575.42MHz) Receiver simultaneously tracks up to twelve satellites.


2 minutes, typical, cold start

I/O Configuration

DB-15 (output connectors)



Operating Temperature

-10C to 50C

Storage Temperature

-40C to 75C




General Specifications

Power Supply

Input: 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz, IEC-320 Socket

Output: 9V DC, 1A, 2.5mm x 5.5mm Female, Center Positive


IEC-320 with fuse and mating P09 Cordset


357mm (L) x 324mm (W) x 172mm (D)



Shipping Weight



Ordering Information

Arbiter Systems AS0077601

Remote GPS Receiver (for Doble Model F6150)


Please Note: There are no additional Options available for this product nor are there any additional accessories.


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