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Power Measurement and Calibration

1040C/CU Panel Meter Calibrator
Panel Meter Calibrator

Three Phase Power Analyzer
Three Phase Power Analyzer


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Arbiter's line of Power System Analyzers, Panel Meter Calibrators, and Transformer Maintenance products meet and exceed all industry standards. Featuring Arbiter Systems® proprietary PowerDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis algorithms, power engineers are able to make more measurements, more accurately and at lower cost than ever before.

Arbiter Systems 1040C/CU

Panel Meter Calibrator

Arbiter Systems 921A

Combustible Gas Meter

Arbiter Systems 928A

Power System Multimeter

Arbiter Systems 929A

Three Phase Power Meter

Arbiter Systems 930A

Three Phase Power Analyzer

Arbiter Systems 931A

Three Phase Power System Analyzer


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