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Precision Auxiliary Current Transformer - 400A,  0.1% Accuracy

use with Models 929A, 930A, 931A and 933A power  testers

The Accessory Model 09311A Auxiliary Current Transformer extends the outstanding accuracy, features and performance of Models 929A Three Phase Power Meter, 930A Three Phase Power Analyzer, 931A Power System Analyzer, and 933A Portable Power Sentinel by increasing the current capability to 400 amperes. Due to the careful design of the Model 09311A Auxiliary CT, overall accuracy exceeds 0.1% of reading and 0.1 over the entire current range of 1 to 400 amperes rms.

Precision Auxiliary Current Transformer - 400A,  0.1% Accuracy
Model 09311A Auxiliary
Current Transformer



The Model 09311A input terminals have large 5/16-in. silicon-bronze cap screws to firmly connect your input signals. The output connections  to the Model 931A are via two heavy-duty copper spade lugs, which connect directly to the 09311A current input terminals. Due to the narrow profile of the Model 09311A's design, up to three (3) transformers may be simultaneously connected to the Model 931A Power System Analyzer, allowing three-phase measurements up to 400 amps.

The models 929A, 930A, 931A and 933A, SCALE function allows the instrument to display the actual current applied to the Model 09311A input. No conversion is necessary; it is performed automatically by the microprocessor and automatically applied to all displayed results.


General Specifications

Current Range

0.8A to 400 Arms




Amplitude: 0.1% of reading; Phase:0.1


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