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Synchronized Power Measurements  

Portable Power Sentinel

Reference Current Transformer
Reference Current Transformer

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For the first time - Precision Timing technology combined with Power Metering and Measurement Introducing the Power Sentinel™ family from Arbiter Systems Inc®. As a Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) compatible with IEEE C37.118 the Power Sentinel™ products combine industry leading technologies into either a rack mountable or portable.

Built for progressive electric industry professionals, Models 1133A and 933A support Synchrophasors, Power Quality Monitoring, System Control and Monitoring, GPS Synchronization, Revenue Metering, Data and Event Logging and related technologies in a single package.

Arbiter Systems 1133A

Power Sentinel™

Arbiter Systems 933A

Portable Power Sentinel™

Arbiter Systems 935A

Current Source

Arbiter Systems 936A

Reference Current Transformer


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