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Electrical Safety Testers  

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Multi-Function High Resolution Power Tester

Clare HAL 101

Advanced Multi-function Hipot Safety Tester

Clare HAL 102

Advanced Multi-function Safety Tester

Clare HAL 103

Advanced Multi-function Safety Tester

Clare HAL 104

Advanced Multi-function Safety Tester

Clare B255

Power Tool and Appliance Safety Tester

Clare 433R

Stand Alone Earth Bond Tester

Clare STM/L

Bench Mounted Safety Tester

Clare SafeCheck8

Bench Tester for Service/Rental Industries

Clare SwitchSmart

Eight Channel Switching Matrix (for HAL104)

Clare Safety e-Base

Pro Software

Clare HAL Accessories

Clare HAL Safety Tester Accessories

Advanced Multi-Function Safety Tester

Advanced Multi-Function
Safety Tester


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