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Clare SafeCheck 8 Bench Mounted Comprehensive Tester - Overview

The SafeCheck 8 is a bench-mounted instrument, ideal for electrical safety testing in the hire, rental and service industries. A simple user interface guides the operator through Class I, Class II and IEC extension power cord tests, with automated test sequences.

The results are recorded, and information is displayed on a large liquid crystal display screen. In order to eliminate potential data entry errors and to speed up the test process, the tester can also be used with a barcode reader which scans in the equipment's ID number. SafeCheck 8 helps you meet your safety obligations whilst improving productivity.

Clare SafeCheck 8 Bench Mounted Comprehensive Tester

Electrical Test Features
  • Earth / Ground Bond Test.
  • DC Insulation Resistance.
  • Leakage Test.
  • IEC Cord Test.
  • Power / Run Test.
  • Storage of test results.
  • Predefined and custom test sequences.
  • Link to a printer and scanner.



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