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HAL Safety Tester Accessories and Options

Desk Test n Tag (Part No. 312A912)
Any of the ClareHAL range will directly control the Desk Test and Tag printer to produce PASS or FAIL labels. The printer uses a thermal transfer process, eliminating the possibility of label fade and the material is highly durable and tear resistant.

Warning Beacons (Part No. DCS276)
Warning Beacons can be configured to work with any of the ClareHAL range to provide clear indication of the operating condition.

Labels / Ribbon

Part No.


Clare 312A951

White Labels

Clare 312A952

Printer Ribbon

Clare 312A954

Orange Labels

Clare 312A956

Yellow Labels

Clare 312A957

Blue Labels

Clare 312A961

Red Labels

Clare 312A962

Green Labels

Clare Switch Matrix, ClareHAL Checkbox and Safety e-Base

Clare Switch Matrix
ClareHAL Scanner is designed to operate with the ClareHAL 101, 103 and 104. The unit operates in parallel with the ClareHAL and provides the facility to switch the High Voltage and Ground Bond measuring terminals to multiple positions on the equipment under test. The unit incorporates eight Hipot channels and eight Ground Bond channels. A display on the front of the ClareHAL Scanner unit provides clear indication of which points are being tested at any particular time.

ClareHAL Checkbox
It is advisable to test any electrical safety tester at regular intervals to ensure that it is performing in line with specification and expectations. The Check Box is a simple precision load which can be connected to the ClareHAL and quickly confirm that measurements are within the performance level expected. The Check Box provides a load for a Bond, Hipot, Installation and leakage measurements.

Safety e-Base
A versatile software package designed to run with the ClareHAL to provide remote control and database management. Safety e-Base runs on any PC running XP or Windows 7.

Part No. 485A910 Part No. 481A910 Part No. 482A910

ClareHAL Accessories

Part Number


Clare 194A922

Barcode scanner

Clare 483A910

Power Smart Single Phase 50A

Clare 484A910

Power Smart Three Phase 63A

Clare H-5014

Data Cable

Clare G2/5001

H103 Class I Output Socket Box

Clare H-5009

H101 Class I Output Socket Box

Clare H-5022

H101 Class II Output Socket Box

Clare H-5008

Foot Guard Switch

Clare DCS317

Guard Switch

Clare 01521/1

Earth Clip

Clare 01520/1

Earth Probe

Clare 03919/2

HT Probe - Yellow

Clare 03918/2

HT Probe - Red

Clare H-5017

Status Beacon

Clare H-5003


Clare H-5030

Printer Lead (Desk Test 'n' Tag)


Safety Enclosures

Electrical safety testing can be a hazardous process to provide maximum safeguard for an operator and comply with the recommendations of EN50191 which specifies working conditions of electrical testing. The use of safety test enclosures is a convenient, practical way of minimizing the hazards.

Over the last 70 years, Seaward Clare has produced many thousands of test enclosures for a wide range of industrial applications. The new range of visor safety enclosures has been introduced to provide a practical and cost effective way of supplying a standard range of safety test enclosures, with a flexible pallet system to accommodate different types of fixtures.

The visor enclosure with its stylish and ergonomic design gives operators a wide, clear field of view, simple access to the equipment being tested and minimizes the impact on the operator's working area. Constructed using durable non-conducting material, this new range of enclosures is available in two sizes and is simple to install and interface with electrical safety test instruments.

Seaward/Clare Safety Enclosures

Part Number Width Height Depth
ENC 7 Part No. 73B240 600mm 475mm 560mm
ENC 6 Part No. 73B239 300mm 240mm 280mm

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