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High Voltage Test Equipment and
Measurement Instrumentation

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HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS is the world's leading full-line manufacturer and service of high voltage test equipment and measurement instrumentation.

Their products span the complete spectrum of dielectric testing, from portable DC hipots and AC hipot testers for utility testing, to cable fault locators, to partial discharge detectors and power factor test instruments, to full HV laboratories, to EMC test products, to complete test fields for transformers, motors and power cable.

Proven Expertise
Haefely Hipotronics believe that expertise is more than simply knowing how to put together a test system. True high voltage expertise starts with their engineers, participating in standards committees and technical symposia, visiting factories and utilities around the world, talking to their customers every day to understand how and why they test their products. It is this application knowledge, developed over 50 years, which sets them apart from their many competitors.

Expertise is translating this application knowledge to a product design that is rugged and reliable, yet elegant, intuitive and simple. It is building those products and delivering them on time, with an attention to detail and quality that only comes from an experienced team of loyal craftsmen. And perhaps the most valuable expertise is the ability to provide a lifetime of knowledgeable support and service for their products and their customers.


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