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7BT60 Vacuum Interrupter Test Set - Overview

The Hipotronics Model 7BT60 is a piece of portable 60KV AC (center tapped) dielectric testing equipment designed to test the integrity of vacuum interrupters in switchgear. The output (current limited to 10mA) is programmed to raise voltage at a preset rate to the desired test level.

Once the unit reaches the preset voltage a dwell timer will hold the voltage at that level for the preset time duration. After the dwell time has elapsed, the unit will return to zero. Any failure during the test will be indicated on a "failure" lamp located on the front panel, and the breakdown voltage will be indicated on the Memory KV meter.


7BT60 Vacuum Interrupter Test Set

  • Automatic testing.
  • 0 to 60kV AC output voltage.
  • Dwell timer.
  • Memory Kilovoltmeter.
  • Pre-settable output Kilovoltmeter.
  • Failure indicator lamp.
  • 500 and 3000 V/sec rise time.
  • Removable high voltage section for operator safety.
  • Rugged field case.
  • Field proven reliability.


  • Go, No-Go test - a pass/fail indicator lamp provides immediate, visual indication of test results.
  • Easy to use - with minimum amount of setup time and user training, means testing can start right away.
  • Field portable - this self-contained, single unit is suitable for field use.
  • One step testing - the user sets the desired test parameters and the sequence is automatically run.

General Specifications

System Output (Voltage)

0 to 60kV AC (center tapped)

System Output (Current)


Rise Time

500V/second or 3000V/second

Metering Accuracy

0 to 60kV pre-settable, memory meter

Input Voltage

In the model number, designate 'A' for 120V AC or 'B' for 230V AC  (e.g. 7BT60-B)

Input frequency

60Hz for 120V AC input, 50.60Hz for 230V AC input


304mm (W) x 304mm (D) x 864mm (H)


45kg net
57kg shipping


Ordering Information

Haefely Hipotronics 7BT60-A

Vacuum Interrupter Test Set, 120V AC 60Hz, includes:
One 7.6m Interconnect cable, Two 3m Test Leads, One Power Cord, User's Manual, and Calibration Certificate.

Haefely Hipotronics 7BT60-B

Vacuum Interrupter Test Set, 230V AC 50/60Hz, includes:
One 7.6m Interconnect cable, Two 3m Test Leads, One Power Cord, User's Manual, and Calibration Certificate.


Optional Accessories

Haefely Hipotronics SPK1-7BT60

Spare Parts Kit for 7BT60

Haefely Hipotronics EXT-WARN-1

One year extended warranty


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