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800 Series DC Hipot Testers - 15kV - 80kV - 120kV - 170kV

The 800 Series DC Hipot Testers is an economical solution to DC field testing of cables, terminations, motors, generators and other electrical apparatus. All models are self-contained in a one or two-piece, rugged and durable enclosure. Each is complete from input line cord to high voltage output cable. This product range includes models in 15kV, 80kV, 120kV, and 170kV DC.

The 800 Series features accurate kilovoltmeter readings regardless of load current. Voltage measurements are taken directly at the output of the high voltage transformer, while current is measured at the return leg to ensure the highest accuracy. Safe discharge of both the test object and internal transformer occur whenever high voltage is switched off. Output power is created through a full-wave, voltage doubling, silicon rectifier circuit.


800 Series DC Hipot Testers - 15kV - 80kV - 120kV - 170kV
This product contains an environmentally-friendly natural ester-based fluid made from renewable vegetable-based oil read more >

  • Environmental friendly FR3 transformer oil.
  • Rugged and portable construction.
  • Shielded output cable.
  • Full-wave voltage doubling rectifier.
  • Zero start interlock and guard circuit.
  • Internal discharge solenoid.
  • Meter accuracy 2% full scale.
  • 5 to 10mA current rating.
  • External interlock provisions.
  • Three ranges on voltmeter, and four ranges on current meter.
  • No internal leakage at full load.
  • Instantaneous overload relay.
  • Surge-limiting resistors in High Voltage output.


  • Ideal for field testing - compact lightweight and rugged makes it suitable for field orientated applications.
  • Automatic grounding of power supply and test object when high voltage is turned OFF.
  • Minimal setup time and simple control panel.
  • Accurate current measurement and guard circuit designed to eliminate stray leakage currents.

General Specifications

Model Number





System Output (AC Voltage)

0 to 15kV

0 to 80kV

0 to 120kV

0 to 170kV

System Output (Current)






Negative Output, Positive Ground


4.5-inch Analog meters; Meter Accuracy: 2% full scale


0.5% per mA with rated resistance

less than 2.5%

Dimensions (Controller)

42cm (W) x 23cm (H) x 46cm (D)

Dimensions (High Voltage Section)

In Controller

30cm x 25cm x 48cm

30cm x 25cm x 75cm

Controller Weight

22kg 35kg 11kg

Controller Shipping Weight

29kg 41kg 16kg

High Voltage Section Weight

In Controller In Controller 46kg 66kg

High Voltage Shipping Weight

55kg 75kg

Input Voltage and Frequency

* In the model number, designate 'A' for 120V, 50/60Hz input or 'B' for 230V 50/60Hz input


Included Accessories

Included Accessories

1.8 meter Input Cord, 7.6 meter Return Cable,
High Voltage Output Cable, 7.6 meter shielded RG8/U with alligator clip and rubber insulated boot, Interlock Plug, Calibration Certificate, and User's Manual.


Optional Accessories

Haefely Hipotronics HHDA13-280

Grounding Stick, 120kV max. voltage

Haefely Hipotronics SPK1-815PL

Spare Parts Kit for 815PL

Haefely Hipotronics SPK1-880PL10

Spare Parts Kit for 880PL-10mA

Haefely Hipotronics SPK1-8120-5PL

Spare Parts Kit for 8120-5PL

Haefely Hipotronics SPK1-8170-5PL

Spare Parts Kit for 8170-5PL

Haefely Hipotronics EXT-WARN-1

One year extended warranty


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