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8175PL Series 175kV Modular Portable DC Hipot Testers

The 8175PL Series DC Hipot Testers offer a 175kV to 875kV range in a convenient cascade design. These systems are SF6 insulated with each module individually capable of producing 175kV at 17mA. The standard power rating is 3kW. Low leakage measurement, even with fluctuating line voltage, is possible with standard 1% line regulation. The design offers reversible polarity.

This modular (expandable) construction favours the use of these portable testers in situations formerly requiring large mobile units. For example, when field testing, each technician can be equipped with one controller and as many modules as routine tests require. Then, for non-routine higher voltage tests, additional modules may be assembled at the test site.

A reusable shipping container is provided for each module for storage and transportation.


8175PL Series 175kV Modular Portable DC Hipot Testers


  • Expandable from 175kV to 875kV.
  • Rugged, lightweight, portable modular construction.
  • High current output for testing large loads.
  • Reversible polarity.
  • Ripple < 0.2% per mA.
  • Analog kilovolt and current meters.
  • Zero start interlock and external interlock provisions for
    safety during operation.
  • Anti-corona toroid.
  • Compact control unit allows remote positioning ideal for field use.
  • Momentary current reversal switch.
  • Optional high voltage shorting solenoid.
  • Reusable shipping containers for modular storage.


  • Quick and easy - a modular system limits the setup time and user-friendly controls make it simple to use.
  • Modular Construction - bring only the number of modules necessary
    for the required voltage.
  • Easily Transportable - SF6 insulated modules make it light weight and simple to transport in a van or pickup truck.
  • Accurate Leakage Current Measurements - while guard circuit eliminates stray leakage currents.

General Specifications

Model Number

8175PL-1 8175PL-2 8175PL-3 8175PL-4 8175PL-5

Number of Modules

1 2 3 4 5

Output Voltage (DC)

175kV 350kV 525kV 700kV 875kV

Output Current

17mA 8.5mA 5.7mA 4.3mA 3.4mA

Duty Cycle

15 minutes On / 1 hour Off

Output Polarity


Output Ripple

< 0.2% per mA


0 to 100kV DC and 0 to 200kV DC


0 to 5A / 50A / 500A and 5mA / 25mA


2% Full Scale Accuracy

Dimension (Controller)

508mm (W) x 279mm (H) x 381mm (D)

Dimension (HV Section)

457cm (W) x 660cm (H) x 457cm (D)

Dimension Isolation Transformer

508mm (W) x 381mm (H) x 508mm (D)

Controller Weight

56.8kg net; Shipping 61.4kg

HV Section Weight

81.8kg net; Shipping 145kg

Transformer weight

56.8kg net; Shipping 61.4kg

Input Voltage and Frequency

230 Volts AC, 50/60Hz


Ordering Information

Haefely Hipotronics 8175PL-1

175kV, 15mA DC Hipot

Haefely Hipotronics 8175PL-2

350kV, 8.5mA DC Hipot

Haefely Hipotronics 8175PL-3

525kV, 5.7mA DC Hipot

Haefely Hipotronics 8175PL-4

700kV, 4.3mA DC Hipot

Haefely Hipotronics 8175PL-5

875kV, 3.4mA DC Hipot


Scope of Supply

Scope of Supply

Qty X 8175-MOD 175kV Module (quantity depends upon model number)

Qty 1 8175-CONT Controller and Isolation Transformer

Qty 1 R5106A Resistor, 285 K-Ohm, 7kJ

Qty 1 8175-RES DC Hipot Resistor Support Kit#

Qty 1 8175-EXT-HV Expansion Kit#

Qty 1 Input Line Cord 3 meters

Qty 1 Interconnection Cable, 3 meters

Qty 1 Calibration Certificate

Qty 1 User's Manual # Supplied only with 8175PL-4 and 8175PL-5


Optional Accessories

Haefely Hipotronics 8175-CONT

Controller Kit with controls and isolation transformer

Haefely Hipotronics 8175-MOD

175kV Module Kit with module, spinning, insulator separator, resistor section and leads

Haefely Hipotronics 8175-EXT-HV

High Voltage Expansion Kit

Haefely Hipotronics 8175-RES

Resistor Support Kit

Haefely Hipotronics HHR5 160A

Resistor 285 K-Ohm, 7kJ

Haefely Hipotronics 8175-SS

Shorting Switch, 175kV - 1MV

Haefely Hipotronics 8175-LFT

Lifting Tongs


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