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AXOS5 EFT/Burst Test System
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Full-compliance and pre-compliance testing to a wide variety of Standards

  • IEC/EN 61000-4-4 EFT/Burst
    Edition 2 and 3

  • IEEE/ANSI C62.41

  • IEC/EN 61850-3


  • Industrial

  • Residential

  • Component Testing

  • Medical Equipment

  • Renewable energy

  • Telecommunications


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AXOS5 EFT/ Burst Test System - Overview

The AXOS5 EFT/Burst Test System is a state of the art stand-alone EFT impulse generator. Created after the successful AXOS5 Compact Immunity Test System, the AXOS5 EFT/Burst Test System incorporates all the best features of our well-known and proven PEFT-series with the addition of a new touch screen interface for superior functionality. It is both cost-effective and fully compliant with the IEC/EN 61000-4-4 standards.

It also comes equipped with all the hardware needed for instant upgrades with optional key codes. These key codes can be entered with ease to expand the test capabilities of the AXOS5 EFT/Burst Test System, including AC/DC Dips Interrupts, Surge Combination Wave (1.2/50Ás to 8/20Ás), and Impulse Magnetic Field.

Furthermore, it has a built-in 16A single-phase coupling/decoupling network (CDN). This single-phase system can also be expanded to a three-phase system with the optional 32A or 100A three-phase CDN's. In addition, Haefely EMC offers a wide range of accessories foe waveform verification and test applications. The flexibility provided by our accessories insures a safe investment for the future.


AXOS5 EFT / Burst Test System

Features / Benefits
  • Easy to operate with manual and automated test modes, software assisted test preparation pre-defined test routines and visual aided test setups.
  • Sensitive touch screen guarantees reduction of time and effort at a reasonable price.
  • Voltage and current monitoring of EFT/Burst impulses and EUT power provides valuable feedback to the test engineer.
  • Automatic generation of test report, including test parameters, test setup and test result.

General Specifications

Control Power

85 Volts to 264 Volts AC 50/60Hz

User Test Storage


Remote Interface

Ethernet, RJ45, USB


7-inch, 800 x 480, 24 bit with touch-screen

External Trigger

5 Volt TTL

Trigger Output

5 Volt TTL

EUT Failed Input

5 Volt TTL

AUX. Interface

D-sub 37-pin for external CDN, external transformer etc.

Sync Input

BNC, 10 Volt to 264 Volt AC

External Start/Stop Input

5 Volt TTL, starts / stops predefined test sequence

Analog Output

0 to 10 Volts, for use with external options


45cm x 18cm x 49cm (19-inch / 4U)




IEC / EN 61000-4-4 Edition 2 and 3

Output Voltage

0.2 to 5.0kV ▒10% at coaxial output


Positive, Negative, Alternate

Output Impedance

50 Ohms

Rise Time

5ns ▒30%

Impulse Duration

50ns ▒30% at 50 Ohms; 50ns -15 +100ns at 1000 Ohms

Burst Mode

Normal, Continuous, Real, Random

Spike Frequency

1Hz to 1MHz

Burst Duration

10Ás to 10s

Test Time

1s to 1000 minutes


Automatic, Manual, External Trigger Input

Integrated Single Phase Coupling / Decoupling

264 Volts AC, 16A
220 Volts DC, 10A


Ordering Information

Haefely Hipotronics AXOS5-EFT/Burst

AXOS5-EFT/Burst Test System including all cables, user manual and calibration


Options and Accessories

Ordering Code 2490170

FP-EFT32M Manual 3-phase / 32A CDN EFT/Burst

Ordering Code 2495860

FP-EFT100M Manual 3-phase / 100A CDN EFT/Burst

Ordering Code 2491300

IP4A Capacitive Coupling Clamp for EFT/Burst

Ordering Code 2499951

EFT Verification Set consists of 50 Ohm and 1000 Ohm attenuator

Ordering Code 4700814

Key Code for upgrade to Surge 1.2/50Ás to 8/20Ás

Ordering Code 4700816

Key Code for upgrade to AC/DC Dips and Interrupts

Ordering Code 2490423

Accredited calibration for AXOS5 EFT/Burst Test System

Ordering Code 2490440

Remote Control Software


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